Help...I messed up my carb !!

Okay, while installing my JD kit this afternoon I messed up my carb. I was twisting the throttle to lift the slide and went too far. The valve level rollers came loose from the slide and and rotated up and toward the airbox.

To get the rollers forward required that I twist the throttle forward (I did not disconnect the throttle cables). The problem is that now the slide does not seem to function properly...the range of motion on the throttle seems limited and sticks real bad. The only way I can get the slide to move is to twist the throttle back and forth. However, doing so makes a lot of noise.

Any suggestions as to where to begin ? Did I possibly mess up the throttle cable adjustment when the rollers snapped back ?

I am okay when it comes to mechanical things, however, I am somewhat intimidated when it comes to carburetors.

I am wondering if I should take it to the dealer and let them fix it...



Don't be intimidated by the carb, you probably haven't done anything that's irreversible. You can always drop back and punt (take to dealer), but since you're in it up to your ankles, wade in a little deeper and take the carb all the way off. Disconnect the throttle cables, disconnect the throttle position sensor, unscrew and remove the hot start plunger. Pull the carb backwards towards the airbox and wiggle it out. Get your manual out, study the diagrams and try to put humpty-dumpty back together again. The slide assembly does not have that many moving parts, plus once you've done this it'll be no big deal next time. Check to make sure you haven't bent the needle, make sure the slide moves freely up and down and then put the carb back on if it all looks o.k.

Good Luck!

Be sure to disconnect the throttle pos sensor at the ELECTRICAL CONNECTOR. Don't remove it from the carb body. Then you WILL have to take it to the dealer to get it readjusted, LOL!

Otherwise, the problem will become obvious when you can get a good look inside after removal.

I think it is wise to remove the throttle cable connections before rotating the carb. I hope the slide mechanism is intact. Otherwise take it apart and find out what is causing the jam. :)

check your post in the jetting forum

Be sure to disconnect the throttle pos sensor at the ELECTRICAL CONNECTOR. Don't remove it from the carb body.

Whew........thanks Dan! I should have been more specific................ :)

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