sub frames

Thout i'de post this hear since I didn't get a response it the wr forum. I have a wr 426 that I just bent my 2nd sub frame on. Have any of you used the aluminum ones from AC racing? Are they any stronger than the stockers.

How bad is it bent... mine has been tweeked for about 3 years and hasnt posed any problems yet except for the tire rubbing the overflow tank when the suspension is bottomed out and thats not bad... and it looks a lil funny if you look close enough...

not to bad the center of my tail light is siting 1-2 " left of the center of my rear tire

I destroyed my steel subframe on my second ride of my then new '02 WR426 :) I got a YZ aluminium subframe here on TT, and it's been going strong ever since. Try the TT classifieds or eBay :)

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