what to do?

Hey I Dropped a valve in my 02 426 and the motor is trashed. The head, piston is trashed, cylinder can be saved.I just dropped 5 bens on new chain sprockets,clutch plates, wiesco piston,scotts dampner etc. I figured I would find another 02 426 so I can swap all my new goodies. looked into rebuilding the motor and it looks like $2300 bucks I can find a good used 02 426 for that.What would you do find a 02 426 or take the loss and by a new 450?

Do what everyone else is doing, part it out on Ebay. :)

I saw a top end for a 426,not too long ago on E-Bay. :)

My uncle has a 426 for sale. It is listed in the classifieds under my user name, I have the bike here in Billings and told him I would help him as he works in Sun Valley. Anyway, he said there is some room in the asking price, and the bike is in sweet shape mechanically. My own mechanic has checked the valves twice and says everything looks great. Maybe this helps and maybe not. Good luck. :)

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