I need handguards that cover banjo bolt

I am looking for some good handguards that will cover the front brake line banjo bolt on my WR426f. It is right where the brake line goes into the fluid resevoir. I currently have the moose guards. They are good, but I have busted the fitting on the end of the brake line twice now. It is exposed on these guards. Frustating, because I just put on a steel braided line and now have to replace it :) I like the Tusk D-Flex, but does it cover the brake line? Or is there one out there that does?


i have a set of polisport wraparound gaurds that cover the master cylinder pretty gd.

thanks, where did you get them and how much?

Acerbis Rally Pro do a good job for me without being the size of Elephant ears. :)

I am happy with the Tusks on my ride.

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