Bar Risers for Tall Guys

Anybody ever try these risers on a WR?

Looking for something similar (move bars out, not just up), would prefer a product made specifically for WR's with 33mm clamp bolt spacing. Also, don't believe his 32mm (must enlarge holes to fit 33mm) product comes in fat bar version, will only take 7/8.

Oh yeah, should mention I'm a cheapskate :) and not looking to replace upper triple clamp if I don't have to................

I have 909 fat bar adapters on mine. Stock location, except 3/4" higher. I like the extra room since I am standing most of the time. I'm 6ft 1-1/2in tall and tend to sit back over the rear fender over whoops, so the extra space is good.

I made set of riser giving the same position. You have make sure the new up and forward position will not pull your cables too tight.

What do they cost? The site doesn´t tell

I have -05 WR450F and I use 30mm riser kit with original (Renthal) bar. Kit is made by Touratech for BMW F650. I needed to modify it a little, because beamer's bolts are not equally spaced. It made a huge difference for riding position.

I made set of riser giving the same position. You have make sure the new up and forward position will not pull your cables too tight.


Did you use the exact up and out dimensions as the other product? Did you have a cable problem and have to readjust the location? I took the clamps off my bars and free-handed them to the approximate position. It didn't seem like there would be a cable tension issue - it appeared to me you couldn't go much further forward than the 1.375 in. without risking interference with the front brake cable, however. I'll make my own set if needed, but would rather buy a proven product if I can.

Out of Texas makes the 7/8th riser in 1" and 1.5" sizes, moving the bar up and out respectively. I run the 1.5" on both my wrs and the 1" on my xr600.

I am 6,3" and like to stand up with more room, riding hunched over sucks.

Everything fits perfect and is very strong, I have 5 years of wrecks on them and no twists or bends.

I give the TR risers a thumbs up.


ooh yea

cable wise everything on the wr works just fine, only mod is to turn the throttle upside down on the handlebar, and remount the grip if needed (I dont like my half waffles in the wrong position).

This gives the cables a just the right amount of slack.


Team Oatmeal Pie, could you tell me more about the risers you have? I have been on the website several times and can't find the bar risers. I would be very interested in a set for my WR as I would like to stick with 7/8" bars.

They don't list WR parts that I can find and as I said I can't locate the bar risers. Do you have part numbers and prices I could reference?

Thanks for your help.


Ditto what BubZ said - a part number would be great.

Appreciate the help :)

Since you are cheap, like me, you can do what I did. Make your own from 7/8" key stock. If you have access to a drill press they are easy to make.

I just installed a set of Pro Tapers KX High bend on my 02. That bend seemed to lift the bars over an inch at the +1 setting. They are also about 1/2" further forward than the stock bars. Stock cables are still ok.

I haven't ridden the bike yet because it's still in pieces in my garage (and its still 20 degrees here with snow.) It seems to be much more comfortable., however, just standing up on the pegs.

I paid $58.00 for the bars.

TR website essentially sucks. You really need to call and order a printed catalog, to see all the stuff they have, many many trick parts on not online, I really think they are missing out by not having an online site, tell them when you call I have.

The bar risers are similiar to the ones in the link shown on the first post of this thread, except they fit right and like I said I have 5 years of crashing on them, including rag doll end over end, subframe bending crashes, the bars never even shifted a mm.

Top...I am 6'3" as well. Have you replaced the stock seat for a tall seat? If so which brand.


Hey T_O_P, thanks for the extra info. :) Gonna call and get my catalog today. I'm hoping they make a version for fat bars...........

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