UNI sock-type air filters ??

like most in here,... I currently run a UniFilter element in my airbox ... years ago, dirtbikers used to almost exclusively run the "sock-type" foam filters, that simply clamp on the carb throat with a hose clamp ... besides problems with going thru deep water, is there any reason NOT to run one of these, just for simplicity's sake ?

I think it's pretty much personal preference and depends on your riding environment and requirements, but it should work just fine. Here's some factors I see that some folks might be concerned about.

1) bling factor will change

2) it will get dirtier faster

3) it will be easier to get wet

4) it won't be as well protected from roost, brush, scrub, etc

Just make sure it's securely clamped to the end bell so it doesn't come off. You might even pick up a little performance somewhere in the curve since the air doesn't have to go through the more restrictive convoluted airbox.

I got those old style twin K&N direct fit on my 77RD400f, and they work great. But I dont jump and slam it through trails and mudbogs either. I would definatly not rock the boat here and just go with stock location with Uni/K&N type dual stage with snorkel removal, jetting, and pipe.

I was thinking about going to the sock, to possibly get rid of the airbox, maybe put the battery there, etc ... but, after being reminded of the dirt and water problems, I think I'll just keep it as it is for now, with the Unifilter in the airbox, ... thanks for the answers !

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