WR450F Pulls a MX Win!

I was allowed to run the second heat with the 125/250D instead of Open Trails (the only other Open Trails was a DNF'd 250exc). During the first heat a 125D rider was about 1/2 lap ahead and disregarded the D class jump restrictions (I was excused before hand due to being the only one in my class). I pulled 2nd from the holeshot and was about 2-3 links behind the 1st place through most of the first lap. Finally he looked around and wasn't used to having company in the 1st heat. I was like, "Yeah baby, you're mine!" Didn't see him much longer after he walked away from me! But I did manage to beat all of the 250D's and the rest of the 125d's. The management politely asked me to move to the "c" class (since they couldn't force me riding a trail bike) and will be forcing the 125D winner into the "c" class.

I'm 240lbs and have no mods except for the butt plug removed and a JD kit. This old girl is heavy and the front end pushes but she can be a handfull for the other MX riders! :)


Well, I'm glad to see someone rate this a one. I guess they can take a bike that's 40lbs heavier and beat the mx'ers at their own game, especially after moving from a TTR225 and riding a total of 18 months......

Perhaps they can can take the "b" class riders, I can't.


I was at a local Supercross a couple of years ago, and a guy on an '02 WR426 was leading a 'B' grade open four stroke race for about 3 laps. He had the headlight on, and would occasionly use a blinker going into a corner (Aussie WR's come street legal), or toot the horn :) He was about a third of a lap ahead, when he seemed to run out of energy, and the other guys caught him, and passed him. He still ended up finishing mid' of the field. Funniest thing i'd seen in ages :p:)

So Can I Race Mx With Wr450??????????jumps,,,,,,

You can race it but also realize you're at a disadvantage. The mx'ers are quicker, lighter and turn better without the front pushing out. I did install racetech springs but the valving is stock for jumps. The largest jump I've hit is 65' but regularly make 40'.


Good for you! A lot depends on the rider & track...some tracks are more suited to the tractable power of an enduro than a high-tuned MXr.

Way to go Oouthere :) You are braver than I am to race it. I absolutely LOVE taking my WR on an MX track, but haven't raced it do to the weight issue. No triples for me, but I can turn 6 into 2-2-2 :) on the WR, smiling all of the way. And short to medium table tops are easy. The suspension is pretty damned amazing considering the weight it has to support. One of these days I'm going to get a YZ, probably '07 if the do the aluminum frame. In the meantime, look out for 540 lbs. of flying fat man and iron.

BTW, my front end doesn't push at all. Sticks like glue, but I figured that is because I'm running the stock fork springs.

the reason i am asking, here i can reg the WR450 and use it onraod and offroad.


yfz450prince, you can get around an MX track easily on a WR450, but the weight will get to your forearms after 5 or 6 laps depending on the track. it will turn, accelerate, and jump fine, but generally won't be competitive with any experienced rider on an MX bike. a really fun bike to play on one though, especially when you go blowing by a squid with your tag and lights. the track that i usually play on is mostly short to medium tabletops. there is one monster stadium tabletop that i don't try to clear.

you'll be able to ride yours home though :)

thanks chipwich this is what i am looking for, i think i will go for it,

how its with desert,ops is am asking too many Question.:)

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