For those still interested...

... In the Barnums Exhaust review, here it is. Sorry about dropping off the side of the planet for a month, but life has been busy to say the least. Anyway...


For lack of a better description, the exhaust smoothed out the RPM range significantly. From what I can remember (haven't ridden in a long time :) ), the exhaust looses a bit down low, but still left more than anyone really needs. But in return, the bike picked up ALOT in the mid all the way up to over-rev. In short, I absolutely loved it insofar as the bike gets up and moves, with less wheel spin and a much longer/harder pull. I suppose it probably isn't as good for slow speed play riding, but the exhaust was a wonder out here in the desert. Likewise, with just the exhaust and an edelbrock, the bike pulled 15/47 gracefully to say the least. The exhaust simply makes riding the bike fast that much easier.

Installation was not bad, but probably one of the very small drawbacks of the system. The clearances are tight in five places (against the right frame rail, above the clutch cover, the back left side of the cylinder, under the carb [if you have an edelbrock, not sure about the stocker], and the crankcase breather hose). After fiddling with it for a bit, we finally opted on using four screwdrivers wrapped in rags to position the headers where we wanted them (everywhere but under the carb), then tightened everything down. As a side note, the headers are ceramic coated and need to be ran hard once to harden, so be very careful (hence the rags). In the end, this method worked well, but the exhaust still settled in a bit with riding. We also had to use some ingenuity to route the carburator hoses, and bend the clutch cable arm slightly. Ultimately, the exhaust did melt a bit of the breather hose and wrinkled the outer jacket of the clutch cable, but nothing major. I decided to run the stock tank for the test, but I'm going to try fitting the acerbis 6 gallon next week to make sure it's well out of the way (which I would assume it is).

The exhaust is loud, but not the loudest I've heard. It's definately got a nice crisp crack to the thump now. Your friends will know it's you pulling into camp, but it's not White-bros carbon pro loud for sure. I'll be interested in trying the spark arrestor tip and other size tips when they become available.

Ultimately, I'm very pleased with the exhaust, as it made the bike much more 'business' oriented, while still being ridable down low. It's definately not for everyone though; I did burn my pants on the first ride, and plan on making a heatshield for the back ride side of the right header. My only suggestion would be that Rob add a heatshield at some point, but then again, they can easily be bought or made, so maybe not.

One of these days when I get some time, I'll post a master review of everything I've tried, which is getting to be a big list. I would like to throw out some huge praise for braking's full floating 280mm rotor, as it saved me a few times when I kept on the throttle a bit too long. It's one of the best thing's I've purchased, and would be number 2 on my 'bling to buy' list right behind IMS pegs.

More later.

Are those turns signals or antennas? :)

Naru, thanks!

I thought you had forgotten about us.!


Nope, not in the least. Unfortunately, I've been averaging 4-5 hours of sleep from time constraints, so Thumpertalk and riding in general took a backburner. :)

Rob runs a Hydro clutch on his bike, which will conviniently move the cable out of the header's way; I tried fiddling with the Magura unit I bought used from a fellow TT'er, but couldn't get it to engage fully, so I went back to stock (which will also allow me to use the Rekluse manual adjuster for the auto clutch).

I'd just like to emphasize again how much of a pleasure the bike was to ride with the exhaust. I hate to make the comparison, but it made the BRP have a 'CRF'ish feeling in that it was less fatiguing to ride fast. But it could have been my imagination too.

If anyone out there would like to try the exhaust, I'm out in Ocotillo Wells at least once a month, and would be more than happy to help a fellow TT'er out. However, I first need to solve a serious overheating problem (unrelated to the exhaust) that I encountered on the test ride; I'm thinking the Napa thermometer replacement is defective, so I'm chucking the thermometer entirely.

Also, as soon as I get time (which looks like it will be in another lifetime at this rate), I'm going to have the other BRP revalved by Rob for my 135 pound fiance, who is it's proud owner; I'll post her impressions in case any of you have been thinking your wife might be crazy enough to ride one. :)

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