Zip tye fuel screw...will it work w/out washer?

I unscrewed my fuel screw and no washer come out. Is the washer small enoungh to get lost up in the carb? Or, is it more likely that it fell out and got lost? :) The washer is supposed to be between the o ring and the spring. If I have to replace it, what size am I looking for? Or, will I be tearing my carb apart looking for a washer? :) Thanx!

If the oring came out i'd say the washer came out also try having a good look for it. I thaught my oring was stuck in the carb but it had just fallen it took a while but i found it under the starter.

The washer may still be in the carb.

Same thing happened to me. With the screw out, knock on the side of the carb and it should fall out with the O-Ring. Make sure you have your hand underneath to catch it, or it will disappear forever and then you're SOL...SC

I had the exact same thing happen to me. It has been 2 years now and no problems. Maybe it stayed up in the carb or was never there? In any event, it seems to work. BTW there is no way to replace the washer without buying an entire assembly. I even called an aftermarket firm that has almost every part for Keihin carbs. That is one of the few things they don't sell. :)

Doesn't the o-ring sit on top of the washer? I can't imagine the o-ring coming out but the washer staying in. Your local Yamaha dealer can get a kit for the fuel screw(spring, washer, o-ring) and they're around twenty bucks! Ouch!!! My dealer had the individual pieces and gave me na o-ring when I lost it the other day. Thanks Mission Yamaha

wish my nearest dealer were that nice. not always sure they remember why customers are improtant....

I went to my local shop and, yep, $26.00 for the whole assembly. So, I checked home depot, auto zone, napa, even the high school auto shop (I'm a teacher there) and no one had anything that would work. Then I checked radio shack... :) They had an assortment of #2, #4, #6, and #8 for $1.99. I guessed I needed a #3 washer to fit correctly around the fuel screw and up in the fuel screw cavity. The #4 was too wide go up the cavity. So, I took a #2 and bored it out very carefully with a roto tool (pointed grinding stone attatchment). I cleaned it all up, put it in, and so far so good. There are enough washers in the pack you can practice on until you get it right. I am changing my pilot jet tonight, so I'll be adjusting the screw tomorrow. I'll let you know how it works. :)

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