backfire screen removed

how much of a risk is removing the backfire screen :) and will it make much differance :) ive been told i can run a cr250 one that has no screen on it but fits straght one my yz is this true ?

I still have my screen in, but Twin Air make a backfire proof filter/cage kit. Might be worth a look?.....

Just go pick up a YZ250 air-filter cage and Twin Air flameproof filter. I am sure that is a cheaper set up than going with the whole Twin Air system. I have heard the bike breathes a bit better in the upper RPM's with this mod. I haven't tried it so I don't know first hand.

i just ordered all the peices from yamaha(yz250 cage and wing bolt) to make it happen. including the new t/a backfire res filter it was under$70. t/a wants over a hundred for their setup. :)

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