fat bars and bark busters.

Yesterday at the bike shop/junk yard I found a used set of adapter-risers in the junk box that fit in the stock clamp and allow you to use 'fat' bars. I'd been thinking about some higher bars anyway and they were cheap so I picked 'em up. Still don't have a bar for it.

The renthal, protaper, Tag 1 1/8" bars all slowly taper to 7/8" at the control ends. My current barkbuster clamps are 7/8 but where they'll fit on the fat bars, just outside the clamps, will be bigger. So who, if anyone makes clamps to get around this.

TT Store or Rocky Mountain

They are pretty common and either place should have no trouble.


D'oh!! Crap. They're in the thumpertalk store! I actually did look some before asking :)


ha ha...glad you found them

I was gonna say look into Acerbis for help

rock on

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