Passenger Pegs...Where to find them...XR600R

I have a 97 XR600R that I would like to find some passenger pegs. Where might I find such units?

Thanks in advance.


I am pretty sure Baja Designs sells a bitchin set of aluminum puppies..seen them on a few bikes.

I have a XRL650 so I have the stockers on.

I have a set on my 600R that I think were made (the brackets anyway) by the original owner. I have that bike, w/ the pegs included, up for auction right now. If you don't find a pair elsewhere, check w/ me next week about this time.


I bought mine from Baja Designs maybe 10 years ago to fit a 93XR600. They came with the pegs, which I believe are stock Honda XL items and a steel bracket that you have to weld to the frame. I can get a pic if you need it.

Check out this XR400 motard It has pegs that clamp right on to the sub frame. this would be an easy solution for most bikes. Im trying to find somthing comparable here in the States/or a way to order them from overseas.

thumpasuarus , did you sell buddy pegs . Did they bolt on with no welding of brackets? Where did they come from?

I also need a pair of Passenger pegs for my 1993 XR600R :) . I dont want to do any welding, or anything :) ... Where can I find a pair that clamps or bolts on :p ??? Thanks

Yes the bike sold in the auction w/ pegs. Dunno the brand, they came w/ the bike when I bought it, they may even have been home grown. They were well made and sturdy but seemed not quite as finished as a typical store bought item and I've never seen another set like them. :)

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