Chevron DELO 400 Oil No Longer Compatible with Wet Clutches

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Delo 400 Thread

So this is going to be industry wide with the new CI-4 spec? Is this just for diesel oils? How about the new Mobil 1 "red cap?" Have you done any testing using this oil yet?


This is an individual decision by Chevron and it's possible that other similar products rated for CI-4 might also adopt this same strategy, but unless you have your oil analyzed, you'll never truly know when formulation changes occur. The safest bet is to use a motorcycle specific oil (JASI MA rated) and then you don't have to worry.

All my red cap data is close to a year old and probably won't be represenative of what's out there today. I used to have numerous oils analyzed and learned some very good info, but sometimes you're chasing a moving target and Delo among other oils has changed a couple times in the last couple years.

Depending on the type of Moly being used, it may or may not be harmful to wet clutches and I think the 260ppm concentration being used is questionable as to whether it will definitely cause problems or not (less moly would be preferred), but I don't have any experience with their new product and probably won't for some time to come. Most people hear the word moly and automatically think it's a bad thing for wet clutches, but I disagree. The old school large particle solid type moly is something I wouldn't use with wet clutch applications, but things have been changing over the years.

I've run Schaeffers Micron Moly Racing oil in various 4 stroke wet clutch applications with 'EXCELLENT' results (with and without my Rekluse z-Start) and positively had no clutch slipping issues, but it uses MoTDC (molybdenum trialkyldithiocarbamate) and not MoS2 (molybdenum disulfide). The MoS2 that most everyone is familiar with comes as a greyish powder (solid) where as MoTDC is a clear soluble liquid (it dissolves in oil) and it does not settle out like MoS2. Some of my best wear numbers from oil analysis have come from Schaeffer oils with Moly (MoTDC). Powroll has 40+ years of 4 stroke experience and they swear by Schaeffers Micron Moly Racing Oils and have been higly recommending it to their customers for wet clutch use for many years. Not all moly is bad, but it can be a problem if the wrong type, wrong size and wrong concentrations are used. Here's a link to Powroll if anyone wants more info about them or wants to verify what I've said about them recommending Schaeffers Micron Moly racing oils.

I'm using "red cap" mobil 1 in the BRP now thinking that if it slips, I'll dump it and continue to use MC specific oil. The new Mobil 1 "Extended Performance" increased the good stuff, zinc and phosphorous along with slightly increasing the moly. I don't think this stuff is all of a sudden bad to use. I too used Delo in my other bike.

on the plus side, we've still got delvac 1300, rotella t, and super tech 15w-40.

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