Neutral switch?

Got an intermittent problem on my 650L.

Sometimes it won't want to start in gear...not that I kill it much!

I am thinking the neutral switch or the clutch switch...any ideas?

Hmmm, does 'doesn't-start' mean won't crank or won't run even though it cranks?


PS, a tip- to bypass all the safeties, disconnect the 2 wires going to the clutch switch, short them together and to ground.

Sorry....'doesn't start' means won't crank.

That is, I have to go to neutral to get it to start. This happened once before, but the trouble mysteriously vanished. I'm planning some rides which will put me more than 60miles from....anything, even a road. I don't want to have to walk three days because of a shorted switch!

TIA from Montana

All the more reason to bypass it altogether. Just one less thing to go wrong out on the trail. :) By doing this you can start the bike with the kickstand down also. You'll still have the side stand idiot light as a warning. I want the abililty to start my bike whenever and however I want.


I'm not looking at my service manual right now (I'm at work, heh heh) but where do I get at these wires, and is there a screw nearby to ground them with?


Looking at Springtime in the Rockies

Most pipple short the 2 wires right after the connector that goes to the switch.

I munged my switch on a stump and just jettisoned the whole assembly.


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