in need of advice on trail gearing and fly weel weights

hay guys and gals, i have a 2002 yz426 and im just getting back in the sport. could any one tell me good gearing for mountain trails. and ide like fly wheel weight advice too. thanks.........

Gearing you have many choices, I run a couple teeth more on the back, but Rocky had a 13tooth front for $10 so I picked up one of those also. You can get 12, 13 or 14 tooth front, cheap and easy to see what you like.

Check out for the flywheel, they have several options from a complete flywheel to a do it yourself kit, prices run accordingly.

I also run the FMF powerbomb header and Q muffler and meet the CA sound requirements.


thanks alot mike. ill loke at the web sight. i put a fmf powerbomb and a ti4 with a quit core and a spark arrester on runes real good....

Depends on what kind of riding you do, I have a '98 wr400 and have a steahly 12oz weight in. It took alot of the hit out of the bike it rolls on real smooth, almost to smooth. But I haven't done the throttle stop mod yet so I'm hopeing after I do that it will be perfect for me, but I do most of my riding on tight technical trails. If you want more hit try the 10ozer.


PS chucks a great guy (Chuck Steahly) he usually answers the phone and can answer any questions about fly wheel weight. The number is



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