talon billet clutch basket

i was just looking on the TT store and saw that talon has a billet clutch basket too. i was going to get the hinson because i know that it is one of the best. how good is the talon compared to the hinson? there's only a 5 dollar difference in price so that is not going to make a difference. it looks like a good clutch basket but im kinda skeptical on how good it is. i dont know anyone with one and would hate to get it and have problems with it. any positive or negative feedback would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance.


If you're skeptical, why give yourself something to worry about? Get the Hinson. Did youy know, BTW, that the Yamaha GYT-R clutch stuff is Hinson? Yes, it is. Sometimes that can be a way to save a little. Or not. Worth looking into. :)

i dont believe GYTR makes a basket for my '00 426. i am a little skeptical about the talon but i dont see how talon could make a bad clutch basket. from the picture it looks good and for 220 it better be pretty good but i just wanted to get some opinions on it. does anybody have one? or has anybody heard about them?

I run the Hinson inner and outer baskets! Get both they are awesome! :)

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