400 throttle kinking/fraying

I have noticed my throttle sticking, and when I went to lube the cables up, I noticed that about an inch or so from the carb the pull cable has a bit of a kink in it and at the kink, the cable has started to fray. I have been searching around and can't find much about the cause of this. Any ideas?? I can't figure how the kink got there bacause everything seems to line up between the wheel and the cable bracket :)

Time to replace it! After all it is a WR400! :)

I'm going to, but I also want to fix the cause.

Ouch Indy :) that hurt I have a 99 wr400 and it rips :) hey at least it is a wr!

Now dont misunderstand. :) What I meant was the age since it was a WR400 the throttle cable may even be 5 years old! :)

had the same problem (tearing near the wheel); 4 years is a long time for throttle cable life, moving up&down most of time unlubed

luckily there are people renewing those cables..if outer shell is undamaged, just replace the inner cable and voila

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