Funny oil film coming from my head gasket

I have an '03 yzf450 and I just noticed a thin film of oil on the outside of the engine body, it seems to be coming from the head gasket, maybe the cylinder base gasket. I notice no oil in the coolant, nor coolant in the oil. The bike doesn't seem to be running any hotter than normal, either. I was wondering if this is something I need to tend to immediately, or if it can wait till I'm doing something like replacing the valves. Any input would be appreciated.

Not quite the same place. I think your build up is from the oil-pressure-check screw right above your build up. The manual says you should loosen that screw after oil changes to make sure the head is getting pressure. My oil film is definitely from the gasket, I just don't know how imperative it is that I fix it quick. I did just tear my ACL, so I may be looking for maintenance projects, anyways.


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