2000 XR650L burning oil!

I just bought a 2000 XR650L for $2150. Large tank, White brothers E series exhaust, stiffer springs in the front and rear, lowering link, new tires, K&N air filter. The guy I bought it from said that since it was burning oil he replaced the piston and bored it 0.10 over - a shop did the job. Well - its still burning oil and is very difficult to start after it sits for awhile. When it finally does fire up - a lot of blue smoke. It eventually gets better the more it runs. The bike has 12,000 miles on it and it's my guess that the valve guides are worn and it probably needs a valve job. Thought I would get some opinions from you guys before I rip the head off. Could it be something else? Or should I just unload it and buy a newer one?

Thanks for your thoughts.

You and I are having about the same problem.I have a 94 650l I just put a new topend in it,1mm over on the piston,and a valve job...faced the valves.Guides were ok,springs were good as well.Ran really good after I put it together,no leaks nor excessive smoking,but after 50 miles or so its smoking just like yours,when its cold.When the bike warms up the smoke thins out,but its burning a good bit of oil.I wouldnt think the rings havent seeted.I did a compression check and it was 100lbs.,checked my valve lash,and I had an exhaust valve that lost its clerance,was real tight,had to pull the head and have the stem ground.Dont think it was my smoking problem...thinking I have to much crankcase pressure,have a good pulse of air coming out the vent when its just idling.but I dont know how much is too much.

I'm lost - not sure what's going on - unfortunately I don't have a lot of history on this bike. Is the piston barrel lined on these? Could he have ruined the lining when he bored it and now the rings won't seat? When I finally get mine started it really blows out a lot of blue smoke. Said he replaced the CDI before he sold it to me - wonder if there is a problem with that? How many miles do you have on yours?

Not sure about the milage on mine,hasnt got the original speedo.I did a leakdown and found a good bit of air passing my rings,so maybe the rings arent seeted yet,I only have 50 miles on the topend

my xl600 was smoking real bad at start-up. i had the valvles, guides and seals replaced. no more smoke now.

PISTON RINGS.........................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Sounds to me like it is worn valve stem guides. If it is worse when it has been standing then it sounds like the oil is seeping down the guides and when it has been ran this excess has then been burnt off.

I just took apart my XR650L engine to install a high comp piston and cam. When I removed the valves, there was a small assembly burr on each valve. I didn't see the burr, so I just pulled the valves out of the head. The burr damaged the valve guides. All four valve guides needed to be replaced. Engine Dynamics did the inspection and work. They said that if I had not replaced the guides, the engine would smoke and burn oil.

Also, if the cylinder was not honed properly, the rings will not seat and engine will burn oil. Worn rings don't smoke at start up, only during running. Valve guides or seals smoke the most during start up and then the smoking usually becomes less.

From what you are describing, I think it is the guides and/or seals.


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