YZ pipe for 05WR

Has anyone tried a YZ pipe on their 05WR450? I found the YZ stock pipe at Bike Bandit for $202 part # 2520840-001. Does this sound right? It is not clear from the parts break-down if this is the whole pipe. If not, the cap is $70 and the outlet is another $42. I had a White Bros back-order so long it was just cancelled.

If anyone has this pipe then what can you say about the difference over the stock pipe?

yz pipe makes all the difference.

I run a YZ450 pipe on my 03 WR. Best pipe I've had to date, quality built, not too loud like some of the ProCircuit or FMFs. Really livens up the power band. In SA, the outlet of the silencer is conical, fabricated out of Ti. Looks real classy.

What is the sound Db of the stock YZ pipe anyway?

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