Kickstand?? Cause greif offroad???

I hate the thought of putting a kickstand on my bike but the more I think about it the more I realize I should get one since my bike is now road legal. My main concern is that I hit big jumps when off road and I dont want the kickstand falling down on landing or want it scratcing up the side of my swingarm. Have any of you ever put one on your YZ? I was wondering how it held up off road and if it caused you any greif? What make of kickstand would be the best? Or do you think Im better off without it, because I would rather not have one if they are trouble. Thanks for the info!! :)

I made my kickstand it works great tucks up under the number plate it never falls down It bolts to the lower subframe bolt and chain roller if your worryed about it falling down I put a big 0ring around the subframe and loop it on to the kickstand no matter what it won't fall :)

Ya.. I thought about makin one to save a few bucks, but if I make it, then it will definatly fall down! I am great at fixin things, but terrible at makin things. If I put one on my bike I will be considering the Trail tech, or the Pro Moto billet kickstand.

I went for the Pro Moto Billet one. Once up, it seems to stay put and I've never had a problem with it. Then again, I'm not hitting any triples or doubles. :)

Does it scratch up your swingarm or number plate?

I've got a Trailtech on my bike and haven't had any problems with it. It tucks up tight more or less behind the number plate, doesn't touch the swingarm, and i haven't had any trouble with it falling down. Some people have reported problems with the bolt breaking but it seems like they are leaning on the sidestand to start the bike.

I have a TrailTech on my bike and am very satisfied with it. Once up, I never know its there on the trail.

But of course, I rarely ever leave the ground and if I do it's a small jump. :)

The kickstand has a very strong spring on it. I doubt you'd be able to get it to come down. And the price is right on the Trailtech too.

i have the trail tech kickstand as well, race harescrambles and enduros all summer long, hit some big jumps in a few harescrambles, the stand has never once come down.......ever.

I have the PMB. Love it, sturdy, very strong spring and looks like part of the sub-frame. Have had many compliments on it. You can order it from John Burr cycles in Fontana, Ca. I got mine for $119, best price around. Good luck!

Thanks for the info guys! I feel better knowing the Kickstand wont fall down, I will be definatly ordering one soon.

for what it's worth, i also have the trailtech, got the 2 stroke version cause i found a good deal, had a local machine shop refab the bracket for my yz400, and have had no problems. i would advise against using it for a prop to kickstart your bike, unless absolutely necessary. lol

Well.. hopefully now that I got the auto-decomp Hot Cam the days of needing a prop for starting are over with. :)

I have one that Baja designs used to sell. It is all wr parts with an adapter plate to make it all work. This thing is the strongest thing I have ever seen.

I love a kickstand for ofroad. I get tires of finding trees to lay my yz against.

i have the PMB kickstand. i love it. when we stop on a ride everyone has to stand there and hold there bike while i get to put the kickstand dowd and kickback. mine has never come down and ive done enough jumping. very nice to have and you'll never notice it's there while riding but you will definately notice it when you come to a stop and get to just put it down and walk away.

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