[B]Anyone running a Power Pack from SLP[/B]

Were a dealer for SLP and thought I would ask what you think if any likes the power pack.

ok the bold thing is realy a pain.

I really like them. They are simpler then the Power Now, and they work better, plus they are much cheaper. I have run 3 or4 of them on different bikes. Try them.

What is this and where can I get some info?

For SLP's web site go to www.slp.cc or click here

The Power Pack consites of two throttle bore dividers(2 flat plates placed horizontal) that smooth the air flow out as it travels under the throttle slide.

im ordering one today so i'll see how it does.

I am not really sure how this thing works but how do you put in the two throttle bore dividers. I have seen pictures of the power now and it looks like it just bolts on. Is that how this thing is.

im ordering one today so i'll see how it does.

Let me know how it works.

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