Lowering A Xr650l?

Hello there. I have a 2004 xr650l that I need to lower. I have already installed a White Brothers lowering link, whiched helped, but I need more. I need to set the sag, but I do not know how on this bike. Roughly how much will the sag adjustment give me? I weigh about 180 pounds. If anyone could help with the sag and any other lowering ideas, that would be great. Thanks a lot.

Did you lower the forks? I have read its very easy to lower them about 1-1.5 inches or so.

I am 6ft even so I am gonna leave mine high even though its tippy toes with both feet down, flat foot with 1


I recently lowered my forks 1/2 inch, lowering the center of gravity makes for better control in my opinion. These bikes have alot of "up high" weight. The lowering link is next for me, and I can sit flat footed.

my xr is lowered two inches front and back,back was done with a lowering link and the front done by slidding fork tubes up and different springs,the springs are a bit stiffer but the xr is way to soft in the front i.m.o.

check it out in the garage section

good luck,

drtlvr :)

Thanks for the advice. I lowered the back end, but not the front. I'll try sliding the triple clamp down, but still?? I would like it lower in the back. Will setting the sag more give me extra clearance? Thanks again

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