Hey all.

Got to wring out my 05 650L this weekend, and found out right away I need to get a more aggressive tread.

I will be riding 20% road and 80% light trails and being in the Midwest MUD! and some sand. The stock tires are just awful in any mud and sand. But I also need something stable on the road.

So my question is how does the terra-flex fit in the 05 650L? I've read people have problems with the fit, and it hits the mud guard? Is the Terra-flex decent and stable on the road?

I was thinking the Pirelli MT-21 in the front and Tera-flex in the rear? Or should I stick with just a set of the Pirelli MT-21 front and rear?

I am going to Florida for a couple weeks so I will be tearing it up in the sand at Croom come July :)

Thanks in advance!


The Flex might hit the chain mud-guard, I took mine off before fitting the flex. I don't think the guard does much off-road.

The terrorflex is stable on the road, it just needs about 10 miles to scuff off the gooey stuff.

The Pirelli MT18HD is more aggressive than the MT21.


Thanks for the reply.

I have gone through tons of posts. Just can't seem to find a decent combo. I don't want to have remove stuff to get a new tire on like the tera-flex.

I just need to find a combo that can handle some road riding and still get good mud/sand traction. I don't ride extreme but still the stock tires were just horrible this last weekend on the trails.


You are right they do look awesome!

Thats why I was looking into them, and saw so many great reviews about them.

I just don't know seems there is fitting problems with the 650L and I am not so excited about taking off the mud guard to get them to fit.

I think I may end up going with a pair of the MT21's front and rear. Seems might be the best on-road off-road combo i can find.

Anyone run the MT21s front and back that can provide some insight on handling both on and off road?

Thanks guys!


i have heard good things about the Kenda Trackmaster II 760. And they are cheap! :)

I've been running the Terra Flex for over a year now. You can trim up the chain guard and it will clear with no problem. It has tremendous traction in mud even hard wet clay. But I will tell you DON"T THROTTLE ON HARD IN a TURN on PAVEMENT!!! This tire has twice the miles on it that the original wore out. You would think it would be noisy on the road but I still hear the front tire. The tire is larger in diameter so to get the correct ratio and clearance I dropped one tooth on front and added two on the rear. I will tell you that the chain has too have been worn/stretched some but I have over an inch clearance on the front mud guard.

I have used the MT21 front-and-rear for awhile, and it is a good combo. The 120 MT21 rear is a bit small, the 130 is a better fit for the bike and is more aggressive.

If you do a lot of trail riding (and riding without a trail!) the side mudguard proves itself to be a liability.


Valuable input guys thanks alot!

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