wax or lube drive chain?

2000 + Miles on a chain and sprockets with WD-40 only.

The chain manufacturer knows nothing about their own product but a snake oil salesman does?

I get at least 1500 miles out of a chain with nothing but WD-40.

If someone wants to waste their money on a worthless product thats up to them.

I'm a idiot too.. I've been using Maxima chain wax forever...

That's the brand that was recommended by my Yam/Honda/Suzuki and KTM dealer. I have been using the "Gold" -- the can says O-Ring safe (?)

Its a pain to use since it recommends to: clean chain, warm the chain, put the bike on a stand, apply it, let dry 15 min. before riding -- this is hard to do on 5 bikes while all are wanting to get on with the ride.

I just assumed this was "what to use"; However, WD-40, 10-40 or LPS, etc., it would be easier to use and would not stain the chain guards, etc., a nasty burnt-brown.


The dealer reccomends what he sells. He wouldn't tell you to use a product he doesn't sell. A buddy owns a Yamaha/Suzuki dealer and reccomends Maxima to his customers but uses WD on his own bikes.

A non o-ring chain needs lube but an o-ring needs only a rust inhibitor after riding in wet weather or after washing the bike.

Chain wax is one of the biggest abortions the lube world has ever created, and is probably the absolute worst way to address the problems that are encountered with our sport and the lubrication of our chains.

Lubrication technology has went lightyears past the technology being used by most every popular brand of chain lube there is. There are very few chain lube mfg's that have reformulated over the years to keep up with the latest technology's...they simply spend money on fancier cans and tat wearing poseurs trying to convince you that their old fashioned wax crap is the bomb.

Jay, it's called marketing... Some guys make a purchase decision when they're at their local shop, they walk the isle and see chain lube and remember that they need a can. That's what I do, if I saw Digilube's "Ultrafilm" on the shelf and it was priced in the ballpark of what Maxima charges I just might give it a try (now that I heard about it on TT). For the record, Chainwax has been a great performer, zero chain failure,great rust resistance and no build up. I'm happy with the product.

If it is such crap and works for me, I'm staring to wonder if any kind of chain lube is even necessary.. :)

I went on-line to get a free sample of your product. I'll let you know if I can tell the difference, I will see a difference right?

Dan :)

A non o-ring chain needs lube but an o-ring needs only a rust inhibitor after riding in wet weather or after washing the bike.

Wrongo, beezer. A ring chain needs lube every bit as much as a non-ring chain does.


My main point is that there are many lubricants out there, and all of them will tell you they are the best...or you will hear props from others on how fantastic a silicone based water dispersant works as a heavy duty, high shock load, chain lubricant (major eyeroll). And yes, it's a marketing thing for sure.

However, there are worlds of difference in some chain lubes.

Some mfg's went the route of letting their marketing sell the product, at the expense of product development.

Others actually have taken the time to develop products that actually do the best job, and depend on the merits of the product to sell it.

If you went on-line for a sample, then you were at the industrial site.

Yes, folks have noticed an immediate difference when using our lube.

Jay, sounds good.. :)

Clean chain , WD40. Works for me. :) Don't argue with people that use oils, lubes, waxes. Don't really know what is best. Just know that I have never had any issues with WD40 in the last 20 years of riding and racing.

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