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Has anyone tried the Pirelli MT410 at the sand dunes? How do they perform compared to a "regular" paddle?

Good Question...

Go ahead and get one and let us know. I wold be interested to find out. I have only used the King Turbo Paddle which works great. I even went to the extent to get the King Ribbed front tire and love it...Takes all the headshake out of steering when riding in the sand....

I have one of those kings sand ribs also that thing is awesome i will never run a dirt tire in the sand again after using it.

I tried a paddle tire for the first time 2 seasons ago. Those things are crazy in the sand! In my local area, I only have 1 track at which I can use it, But I can tell ya, I'll never go back there without it. The bike rides like a tractor runnin on NOS with that tire. I liked it so much, I even went as far as to try it in the snow. I was able to ride my bike through a 5ft snow bank on my front yard and through the entire thing across the road onto the neighbours lawn!

if you are going to the dunes you have to have a paddle to really have any fun and rip up the hills and bowls, a nob just wont do it.

Has anyone tried the Pirelli MT410 at the sand dunes? How do they perform compared to a "regular" paddle?

Ive been itching to try one of those. I have ran paddles and knobbies in the dunes. The paddle is obviousely better. But a good knobie isn't all that bad though. I bet that tire would do just fine.

maybe it's because i had a 739 on but i will never ride with a nobbie on in the sand again. it was just at this little sand hill at the river but i always had to keep my bike a gear higher than normal due to spinning the wheel. i still beat my buddy on his cr250 but it's just not the same.

Depending on how much you ride at the dunes, and how hard at the dunes will really be the deciding factor for the purchase. If you just ride to the hill and watch everyone, or if you just bee-bop around sand highway and some of the smaller "Whoops" of sand, then purchasing a paddle tire is kind of useless, and using a knobby will be fine. But if your like me, and get a 4th gear pegged running start at the whoops before the hill, and like racing up the hill, or doing some major bowling, your gonna wish you had one. Most of the time when your doing some major bowl action, its all about maintaining your speed, and keeping the front tire up and riding on the sand. A regular knobby wont do that for you, matter of fact I think you will find yourself diggin a hole more often than not trying to get up to riding speed when your bowling. I sometime have problems getting started again, even with a paddle, but I sure as hell wouldnt wanna get caught without one at the bottom of a bowl...

As far as the front ribbed tire...I would recommend that thing to everyone. I rode for the first time with a front knobby and hated it. I had so much headshake, the tire seemed like it never knew which way to track, and when you get up to speed, and that tire is floating on the top of the sand, it makes for a scary ride. As soon as I put that ribbed front tire on...OMG, I fell in love. It tracks straight without headshake, 5th gear pinned across sand highway is fun, dropping into a monsterous bowl felt comfortable. I dont think I will ever ride again at the dunes without it....

I always drop my forks in the tripple clamps so they are flush at top when heading out to the dunes. Helps imensely with the head shake.

ive run that tire at a local sand track. deep bottomless sand. It rocks. way better than any knobby iv run. the start is grass and i pulled a holeshot with it so no problem there. but I would not use it anywhere but the sand. Will get destryed in the hard stuff.

kings turbo and a knobbie up front... im thinkin bout trying that kings ribbed one though... since everyone here is RAVING about it... :)


Once you get pass how ugly it is, and ride with it, you will never run a knobbie in the sand again!!


Once you get pass how ugly it is, and ride with it, you will never run a knobbie in the sand again!!

I'm having a hard time finding out what kind of front tire you guys are talking about??? Is it a front 'razor' tire like you see on the 4 wheelers?

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