Elsinore Entry form?

Thanks for the info Ron. Ive been watching Cycle news for a ad. Destry Abbott told me they run flyers in there but I havent seen anything yet. Is there any way I could talk you into scanning the entry form in your buddy has and sending it on to me or would that be too much trouble.

As I said before, Im impatient. :)


Darin in Missouri - 1999 WR400F

Enduro Heaven - Ozark Mountain TrailRiders

Let me see what I can do…

No luck with using my buddies form - already sent it in. I have contacted Goat Eyewear (the promoter) and they told me that early entries are shipping. We can request an entry form via e-mail at this address: goateyewear@earthlink.net. Be sure to give them your mailing address and/or fax number.

There is still plenty of time to snail mail it, but I would request a faxed copy. Too bad they don't have a PDF on their website, or a website for that matter. I would think it would save them lots of money in the long run. These organizers need to get organized as far as making it easy to enter. Heck, I would build them a killer website for an entry into the classes I want to run this year! It is, however, a fantastic event.

Hope to see you there!

Thanks ron. I e-mailed him and hopefully one is on the way.

Youve been a great help!


Darin in Missouri - 1999 WR400F

Enduro Heaven - Ozark Mountain TrailRiders

Darin and Ron, are you guys both racing the Elsinore this year?? If so what classes are you guys racing in? I was thinking about racing the dualsport class this year.

Funny you should just ask that Dan.

I was just getting ready to ask Ron what class I should ride. I got the entry form via fax today and I want to get it sent in soon. Im not sure what the terrain will be like out there so Im not real sure what class to enter.

What do you think Ron?

Ive been riding C Open out here the past 3 years where it is very rocky and we have pretty gnarly enduros. It is a highly competitive circiut that I ride. I just moved into B class this year. Keep in mind Im 6'6" and weigh 235# so I am pretty much limited to how long I can race by my disabilities.

What class are you racing?


Darin in Missouri - 1999 WR400F

Enduro Heaven - Ozark Mountain TrailRiders


Why's the entry for this so expensive? I'll give you a call sometime or swing by cause I want to talk to you about this race. I'm considering doing for the fun of it. I may be up your way next Friday evening so I'll swing by and see if you're around.



"What's that?"

"It's a Yellow 99' YZ400!!"

I'm looking at Sunday, Nov 11th, Unclassified @ 7:00 and the +35 Nov @ 10:00. Still not sure if I can even make it…

Dan, does the dual sport class use the same course?

Hi guys.

As to which classes to enter, I'm not sure. Last year I did the Saturday open morning race (really just a practice) to get familiar with the coarse, then did the Open Novice race. I was not there on Sunday. Most guys riding YZ/WR 400/426's were in the 250 race. The open class consisted of KX/CR 500's, big bore KTM's, and other stuff like older TT-600's. If your there to race then the 250 class is more competitive. The open class, while still chock full of serious racers, had more people like myself (there to have fun).

This year I am hoping to do the age group thing. I still don't have an entry form (in the mail) so I don't know what the schedule is. Last year Sunday was broken down by age/engine capacity, Saturday only by engine capacity. This year :) BTW, I will be 39 and probably want to do the open class again.

Whatever class or classes you end up in, be sure to do the morning open practice thing. Its your only chance to see the coarse before your race(s).

The terrain is mostly hard packed with lots of breaking bumps and fast pavement sections. You go both directions over a freeway overpass on pavement with one long pavement straghtaway up and over the freeway WFO. Other pavement sections include an off camber turn that bit me last year. Beware of the pavement/dirt transitions. After awhile big holes and ruts develop on the dirt side when the dirt gets roosted all over the pavement. The mud hole is also very interesting. I put a few pictures here http://www.h2ooh.com/elsinore_gp so you can see the terrain.

If your there to race and win then enter ASAP. The smaller your number the better starting position. It's a little early for me to commit 'cuase I'm not sure if I'm going to be in town that weekend but I'm working on it. This is a really really really fun event. I would really really really like to do it with the helmetcam on this time.

When I get my entry form in the mail I will scan it into a PDF file and put a link to it here on Ttalk for anyone else to use. Its still pretty early and there is lots of time to enter.

Ron, Once again you pulled through for me.

Good job. Now that I have some good info and pictures I just have to decide what class to ride. Mabye Ill try to do some cherry picking in the beginners class just so I can take a trophy home (Hey!, Im driving 1,900 miles to race. I want a trophy :) )

Or mabye Ill join the expert class so I can start the race side by side with the top riders! :D That would be awesome to have a picture of me, Ty, and Destry taking off from the start. Bye,Bye entry fee.

Ron, Ive been looking at your helmet cam videos and they look awesome. Im taking mine to the race, I just wish I could figure out how to make video as clear as yours. I think I need a more technical computer.

Anyway, if you let me know what row your on Ill try to look up up on race day.



Darin in Missouri - 1999 WR400F

Enduro Heaven - Ozark Mountain TrailRiders


do you have net service at work yet?

FYI, I called GFI about the dual sport race. They say it's the same course. I'm in a quandry, race by age, engine, or dual sport. I was leading my class a couple years ago till I overshot the turn by the water tower. Took about 10 minutes to get back on course. Ended up 22nd out of 53.


Glad I can help, milkman. 1900 miles? They should give you a trophy just for showing up! Be advised - most everyone is cherry picking (myself included). The Novice class is made up of some seriously fast "Intermediate" riders. Truth is I rode my butt off and finished 9th, despite going down on the pavement just after taking the white flag. Novice my ass! I usually ride Intermediate or class B.

Yep, I've got web access again here at work again. Kevin, thanks for checking on the dual-sport thing. It is hard to decide what class to ride. If there was a "fat & out of shape" class then my decision would be easy. :)

Khris, I highly recommend you do it. I'm not around much in the evenings lately, but let me know when you want to come by and I will have a cold one ready for ya.

Back to work…

Ron, A couple more questions.

What is the format for the race? Is it just timed laps?

Didnt you say the course is about 4-5 miles in length? And how long does the race last? Is it a all day race or just a few hours?

Lastly, I see on the entry form there are several different times that each class takes off, I thought everyone raced at the same time. And I know (from the movie On Any Sunday) that the name Harvey Mushman is Steve McQueens fake entry name back when the Elsinore GP took place, but what is the Harvey Mushman 100?

I hope I didnt overload you. Ive got people that is going with me hounding me for answers and I told them I would tap my secret source for answers. :)


Darin in Missouri - 1999 WR400F

Enduro Heaven - Ozark Mountain TrailRiders

Secret source 'eh? :D

Good questions. I hope I can answer them correctly. Lets see, the start of the race is on pavement with rows of about 8 or 10 per row, expert inter and novice start at same time with beginners starting after the first turn clears. Not a dead engine start. The first few turns are pavement and are about as hairy as it gets. The course is about 7 miles and each race is 40 minutes + 1 lap (I think).

Each year they have a 100 mile race with the big purse, and it is a memorial deal. The last few years I think it was the Danny Hamel 100. This is THE race of the event and all the big names are there. This year I guess they are memorializing Steve McQueen in a way that would make him smile.

The Elsinore GP is HUGHE. Many classes with many many riders. Lots of good spectator areas and cool things to do. Defiantly makes for a fun weekend. I hope this answers your questions.

More interesting secret info: :)

Go wide on the first turn at the start, it will set you up for the inside of turn two.

Stay to the left of the mud hole (don't take the bypass).

Be ready to clean 40lbs of mud off the bike after the unclassified race.

Bring extra of goggles.

Tuck a small towel somewhere so you can wipe mud off your goggles after mud hole.

Anyone have more?

Yep, I have a few tidbits. Watch the outside turns on the hill. No berm, if you overshoot, it's a pain to get back on course. :D Slow is fast in those turns. Watch the dirt/pavement transitions. Guys are always ground looping. "Throttle discipline grasshopper". When outbound toward the freeway, there is a big sweeping right hander at the bottom of the hill. There's a jump at the exit of the turn. Do not hit it in 5th. :)

Excellent. This more than likely will be my only Elsinore GP so Im glad Ill have some pointers so I can get it right the first time.

So just one 40 minute race? That dosent sound like much for $95 bucks but thats ok Im going not just for the race but to see the big boys. Not to mention it would be cool just to say I have raced this race.

If I come up with more questions then this topic will pop back up. For now thats all.


Darin in Missouri - 1999 WR400F

Enduro Heaven - Ozark Mountain TrailRiders

Ron, Sorry I havnt gotten back to you sooner but I've been in Laughlin, not with the bike but with the boat. Im pumped that you guys are doing the Elsinore. Im going for sure!! My friend and I get a room for two nights and race both days. I havnt looked at the schedule of races yet but I think im gonna race the dualsport class (all classes are ran on the same long course). The 100 mile race is interesting, I did it two years ago and finished mid-pack or so, I think Ty Davis and Destry Abbott lapped me at least 5 times, I was nothing but a moving obsticle for the pro's. Brian manley actually flipped me off cause I couldnt pull aside quick enough for him.

I will meet you guys out there and we could go grab some beers afterwards. I'll let you know what classes I'll be racing.



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