Elsinore Entry form?

Truthfully, there is no worse bargain for your racing dollar than Elsinore. You could do 4 desert races or enduros for just the one race. Plus you have to deal with everyone sandbagging for a trophy. Apparently "beginner" often means "I haven't won a national yet"!

BUT, it is the nostalgia. You can look at old pics from the 70's and still make out landmarks that you race past.

Try to get around the course before you race, especially the back section by the mudhole. My first year I was rather suprised at some of the drop offs and watch out for folks that fall in the bottom of same. I hit a few!

I'm still waffling on whether to race. I think I might just go to watch this year. A dual sport bike is sure handy for getting around and if I do race I plan to leave the kit on so I don't have to push to and from the truck!


aka Rich

1996 300 EXC

(dual sported)

1987 Suzuki LT250R

(Glamis chrome beast)


Rescue helicopters, firemen, mega heat, and camping in the desert unexpectedly makes for one hell of a ride. You guys are animals!

At least you did not end up like this guy. :)

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Ya know, your right about the cost. One could most likely race an entire D-37 season for the cost of this one weekend. But, how often do you get to blast down a residential street and the residents are cheering you on? The fun factor is off the scale. It is an experience kind of thing, and I think it's worth it too.


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I totally agree that it's expensive. All it takes is one trip to Elisinore and you're hooked. They put so much work into the track and town. It's worth it to me...

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