RE: 426 Part out info

Ok so the motor is sold....goign tonight to Price every thing I will post it all up tomarrow with Prices

I have all the PM's from the 1st Post and you will have 1st Dibs on every thing..

All money sent will be done with PayPal So please make sure to add the 3% to the final cost when making your order

1.Rim & Tires Sold together "Tires, Brake Disc, Sproket Every thing"

2.Frame & Sub as one

3.Forks together

4.Plastics & Seat sold as one with Graphics "Less tank"

5.Tank Complete

6.Rear Shock

if theres any thing I'm missing Please let me know

I will post Prices tomarrow after work

PS: I may have a Complete Motor NON Running for sale "Needs top end"

hey hybridyz426 do you think i could fit an 04 wr450 in the 426 frame, since i live in california that frame and title would make me a green sticker , worth a try.

Thank you very much for keeping us updated. :)

Yea i pm'd you about the right radiator, never heard from you.

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