LTB BRP...Where are the deals?

Let's see if I can get a good return on my TT membership "dues"!

My trusty old '93 XR-L is gone tomorrow morning. So, looking to buy a BRP. May even spring for a new one. Found offerings for new (not "demo-ed") '05's and '04's at around $5500-$5000 out the door. Anybody know of anything around VA, PA, MD, NC, SC, TN, OH, GA? Truck is gassed up, comp time at work ready to be cashed-in!

Buy a good used one. There's tons out there with the good stuff already done to them for better prices.

If you don't mind a good used bike, here's a couple that I just found in the areas you listed while quickly browsing the Cycle Trader...

Check out this used 2003 for $3800 that looks pretty nice...

Here's a 2001 that was bought new in 2002 with less than 150 original miles on it for $3,500 and it's in Keswick VA :)

Here's a used Y2K in OK for $2,800 clams obo.

The XR650R hasn't changed much since it was introduced. In 2002, they updated the countershaft seal and the clutch bushing, but other than that, it's been BNG (Bold New Graphics). The 2000 & 2001's are very easy to update and the parts cost about ~$20 for both from what I recall. I can certainly understand the excitement and itch to get a new bike, but if none of these look attractive, you'll likely run on to one sooner than later that you'll like if you keep an eye on the Cycle Trader and other publications. Don't forget that those prices are asking prices and there's a good chance you'll get these bikes for less than their asking price. If the bike in VA with less than 150 miles on it was truly super clean, they might take $3K cash, which means a $2K to $2.5K savings over what you were planning to spend. Just think of all the aftermarket crap you can buy :p or you can put that money in the bank or save it for your next bike, etc. There's always a risk in buying used, but if the bike is truly a nice bike and you soon decide you don't want it, you can get out of it for a small loss as opposed to taking a much larger loss. I paid less than $3K for my last used 2001 XR650R and it still had the tits on the original tires (not even a full tank of gas run through it), so the deals are out there if you bide your time or keep your eyes open :)

:) Good post. Do like qadsan says and keep your eye open for a good used one. I bought my 2001 last year for $2,800 and haven't regretted it one moment.

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