2001 426 graphics

does any one want to sale or know where i can buy some BUD LIGHT graphics for a 2001 yz 426 or if some one wants to sale me there shrouds with them on there????????? thanks

have a search on the net mate there will be loads of places sell them they have been out ages now so they will be at a good price too :)

i have been looking into buying new graphics myself. but it seems that there is not a big selection out there anymore for the 426. that is why i hated to see the 450 come out 2 years after i bought my bike. it out dated the bikes when they were just a few years old. does anyone know if the 450 tank and plastics fit on the 426. it seems that there is a better selection of graphics for the 450.

ya ive been wanting the bud light graphics but if not then the hot wheels

The 450 plastics and taknk will fit, but you have to mod the bike and do some additional welding. I believe there was a post awhile ago about converting a 426 into a 450 for the purpose of plastic and graphics, but after reading what you had to do, I think I will pass....

I dropped $279 on custom graphics from XGX which included Tank & Shroud, All accessories(Fenders, Swing, Fork, Fender Arches), and all 3 number plates with numbers. That also included the extra $$ for custom color. I posted some picks of the graphics on the plastic but not on the bike. My new White tank will be here tomorrow, so I hope to have pics of it by Friday to post. Basically put all WHITE plastic all the way around on my 426, including the tank. Ordered the XGX Boner graphics, and had then change the background color from the standard Yamaha blue, to White. Also got the Boner number plates, and the Boner Accessory pack. The graphics came out awesome, and very high detail. I only had 1 spot bubble on the rear fender...

My practice graphics I just picked up off Ebay for $122 which was the Yamaha of Troy kit which included the seat cover. My XGX graphics are for race days, and my Yamaha of Troy graphics are for Practice Days...

Here's the link to the XGX Graphics I got:


It only requires three relatively easy modifications to change a 426 over to look like a 450. It's not the cheapest mod in the world, but way cheaper than buying a new bike. It's also a great way to give a bike you have no intention of getting rid of a new facelift. All told, I think my investment was about $500.00 for the parts, but then I bought a lot of new parts. Some guys have gotten off a lot cheaper, and then even recovered a bunch by selling their 426 parts. I kept all my old parts and did the mod in a way where the bike could be changed back to look like a 426 by just bolting the old parts back on. There were others that did this mod and they modified the frame, this makes changing back very difficult. I came up with tank mounting bracket that kept me from having to weld on the frame and is pretty easy to make, and I cut the subframe instead of the frame to make the 450 subframe fit the 426 frame. I can post a diagram of the bracket I designed and the ammount needed to be trimed off the subframe. The only other mod besides making a bracket for the tank mounts and the clearance of the top subframe mount is trimming a little off the part of the 450 shroud that goes up against the side of the radiator.

If you're interested, let me know. I can get a picture of my bike as well so you can see how it looks.

Do a search for 426 to 450, or 450 plastics swap, or something along those lines and you'll find all the threads on this topic, there were quite a few. :)

I posted a thread a month or so ago looking for the Bud light Graphics. I got some helpful leads from fellow TTrs but none panned out. I've looked everywhere and even called One Industries to see if they knew where I could get them. It would be a miracle to find them but if you find more then one, let me know.

hey chills, those graphics are awesome!!! where did you get them?

I purchased them from XGX Racing. Yes, they are a little pricey, but for the custom look, you cant beat it. If you're just picking up one of thier pre-made designs, they are somewhat comparatively priced. But since I swiched my bike over to all white plastic, I specifically asked for White background on their "Boner" graphics. Originally it was $20 for the color mod, and I was just going to get the Universal Accessory kit until I called them, and they said I could get the accessory kit for my bike, but once again, I had to pay for a color mod from Yamaha Blue to White background. I could have just gotten their Universal kit, which comes in White, but I opted to do away with the whole trimming thing of the universal kit, and to fit. I dont know about the number plates, but I had them do those in White also. All in all I had to pay an extra $50 for the color mod all the way around. Tank & Shroud, Accessory kit, and Number Plates with custom color cost me $279. They did a great job with packaging, and also threw in a ton of different colored XGX stickers.

Laying the graphics on was too bad, lots of soapy water, a towel, and some sore fingers, and they went on pretty good. I only had 1 spot on my rear fender bubble. My white gas tank will be here today, so I hope to have pic of it tomorrow, and I'm gonna try to get it premiered on XGX's website, who knows...


ROOSTMX They do great work and good prices too! :)

show us some pics after the bike is complete. i think it will look pretty cool when you get it complete.

I will definitely get pics of the bike. I have a race this weekend, and I want to make sure I get pics of everything while the graphics are fresh....God forbid I lay it over!! LOL... I rode with them on at the dunes this past weekend, and I put my practice plastic and graphics back on yesterday before I went out for practice...Thank God, they had some slick and rutted corners, and put it down 2x...LOL

ahhh yes ..it can be done! :) But, it is not for the faint of heart. And it will not add value (although you would think it would) to your 426.


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