be very carefull ...

hey guys do your selves a big favor !! when pouring oil in your truck especially if its a ´89 ford ranger...

ok... my 10 minute oil, oil filter change tuerned into a 2 hour thing ! on my 4th quart of oil guess what !! i didnt take the little tiny ring of plastic that comes off of the cap ( the lil thing that makes like a crack when you open the bottle) and soo it went right into my engine ! soo i had to take my throttle body apart, take the valve cover off and the worst part is that i didnt have the right kind off tools soo it took way longer than it should of well im just warning you guys!! take the time to take that little ring off !!(if it stays on)


how about next time you use a funnel ? the funnel has a much smaller hole at the end and will catch the little plastic ring.

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