Time for Another Bike, and Moving On


I'm keeping the XR650R and the KTM as I ride alot. The big XR is very fast and a great ride for excursions out of my garage and in dual sport situations. I normally have two bikes-over the past 20yrs the only time I went with only one bike was the from 99 to 01 with the WR 400 and a few months with the XR650R.


It has been a pleasure discussing bike set-ups and helping so many riders here. I am glad to have had the opportunity.

If you have questions about some of the jetting test runs I made on the '00WR400 or needle codes feel free to email me. Lately I have been assisting riders on the www.holeshotforum.com "Message Board" under "Jetting". There is never a shortage of questions.

Clark, that's great news about the 520EXC. You will have it dialed in no time.


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