More power for xr 600?

What are some ways i can increase the horse power and ad torqe to my 98 xr 600r?

White Brothers E series end pipe, Honda Cam, 3 angle cam grind, (stock piston) Uni Filter and remove snorkle/re jet carb. Those are the easy ones and cheapest on wallet.

Check the last two posts on the thread "weak tranny/660 kit" you'll find two different ways on how the hot-up the beast!

Honda experimented with all kinds of hop up kits on the 600. Everything from a 628 to a 680. Everything but there 628 kit blew up on long races or DNF'd in some manner. Go with the 628 kit if you want overall power. Drop the piston if you want to run low octane fuel, like in Baja. Otherwise keep it.

For some cheep HP run octane boost or a mix of race gas. The extra octane made my 600 come alive at around 94-96 octane. The book calls for minimum octane of 92. The hotter the bike runs the higher the octane needed.

lots of stuff to make it more power the only thing is your tnranny wont hold it for a long time makeshure you get spare parts for it

Arent the newer 600's ok in the tranny dept?

sorry guys for some reason i was thinking 1988 not 1998

Why? Are you seriously riding your bike to the fullest of its capabilities? My old 600 has more than enough power to keep up with pretty much anything in the off road races here in socal. Hopping up engines seriously effects their longevity which is why we ride XR's right.

Miguelito, my thoughts exactly. I need to rebuild my 37K mile XR650L, and had been thinking about a high compression piston, cam, etc... But after thinking about it, I'm going to rebuild it with Honda parts... stock. I figure with a fresh (stock) motor, the limiting factor is ME, not the bike. And rebuilding it stock will preserve all the stuff I like about the motor and the bike.

If I really want a better power to weight ratio, losing 100lbs off the lard-ass rider will be a lot more beneficial than any engine hop up stuff I could do.

Drill out the baffle so that the hole is the same size as the stainless tip....Pull the baffle out and cut off the housing that has the screen/spark arrester...You can easily cover the hole with stainless screen later if you need spark a arrester...Get a jet kit and drill holes in the airbox cover..If that isn't enought put a 50 tooth sprocket on it and hang on....If you do put a 50 tooth sprocket on the rear you might also want to get a skid plate for the rear fender....ooooops forgot.....You have to (a must) check the rubber boot between the carb and motor....It probably or maybe has a huge restictor plate in it that needs to be removed.....

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