'05 YZ450 Suspension?

I am going to get my suspension done, does anybody have any good advice on where to take it or where not to take it. I would love to hear from anyone who has gotten the new 05 legs done and what they had done to them. Thanks

Well I got mine done here in PA by PR2 racing, they did Broc Heplers before he was pro and a few other very fast guys so I figured I would give them a try. I am very happy with there work, it is the best suspension I think I have ever had. The web site is www.pr2racing.com hope this helps!


Check-out the "04 YZ450 Suspension" Post. Chazom on there said he had his done by Enzo and is very happy with them. I was considering taking my shock there as they do the Yamaha of Troy team. Check out there website...they're pretty hard core Kayaba.

ya enzo is like master of yamaha suspention i took my yamaha yz125 to them and they did miracles to my bike. ive never felt suspension like it...they treat you right i droped off my bike there and when i picked it up they were like we fixed ur throttle and adjusted ur carb etc etc...they are great ppl...but it all depends on where u live and if u wanna ship ur fork and shocks...(might be risky through the mail)

Thanks, the more I read into it I think I will probably go with Factory Connection or Enzo. I have talked to both on the phone and they both seem real on top of the new fork design. Enzo is a big Kayaba guy though, lots of factory stuff. I will let you know where I go and how it turns out.

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