Is the electux stator a waste of money?

I need a stator for my 03 450 but have heard nuthing but bad things about electux. Is it that worthless? i just dont want to spend $500+ on the e-line when i only use it once a month. and dont like how far it sticks out. Or does any one have one laying aroun they are not using? Last time i used 3 flashlights and a roll of duct tape to the front fender. The results are the pic in my avatar 14 staples and 7 stitches to the shin.I never said i was a smart one.

the eletrerx 45 watt works. Not streetbike like but o.k. there is very little output at idle ,and if you utilize a brake light,when you use the brakes ,the headlight goes away.

Off road with a simple headlight and once a month. it will work.Don't forget the ac voltage regulator or you will blow a couple of bulbs like me.

Last thing, my bike developed a steady throttle missfire after installing said stator ,and others have to. I went so far as to replace my cdi and coil. The only band-aid so far is to run with the TPS unplugged. My bike is a streetmotard, if you are off road only,you may never notice that.

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