replacing sprocket's ... opinions ?

After some nasty "slipping" whilst out riding,a quick look over the go bits I realised the front sprock on my 99wr400 is totally thrashed.However the chain and rear sprock look reasonably fresh.Previous owner obviously replaced them seperately rather than new kit each time.

So do I go the whole Au$250 and do the 2 sprocks and chain .. or just the front for Au$20 and the rest as needed ?

I know the whole "new chain,new sprockets wear together and last longer" theory,do others feel this way ??

Absolutely :) but I go through 2 fronts for every new chain and rear sprocket. I replace the front at the first signs of hooking. :)

I second Indy's recommendation!

i usually do all three at once... just easier in my eyes... :) only cost me bout a 100 bucks... cheap steel sprockets and cuz im riding in the sand just a cheap arse chain...

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