YZ oil reading on the stick

How sensitive is the YZ426 to a little overfill on the dipstick? I did an oil change last night and it's about 2mm past the high mark on the stick. Should I drain some off or will the frame reservoir handle the extra? Some manuals say to get it exactly, but this one just says to hit the high mark (no warning about causing extra pressure on seals etc. with too much oil.)

you will be ok. You might see a little "spooge" from the breather tube but don't worry about it. No more than you are over you will be ok.

Plus, always warm the bike up and then check the oil level for an accurate reading.

There have been many times I have put extra oil in on accident, dont worry about it, you will be OK. Better too much, than too less IMO....

I had a friend put 2 full quarts in his 426. That was a little messy, and the bike smoked a lot for a while because at that level, it was shoving oil down the vent tube between the frame and the cam cover for lack of space in the tank. The extra oil on top and the inability to completely scavenge the crankcases caused the smoking, but once we lowered the oil level it stopped, and it's been fine ever since.

This can happen if you forget to drain the crankcases during an oil change, too, especially if you don't run the engine before draining.

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