1987 xr600r jumping out of gear

i have a xr600r 87 and a problem when i am gaining speed on third gear as the rpms go high it suddenly jumps out of gear and if i press the clutch and let it go it goes back in to gear it doesn't do this every time but it hapens some times

can any body let me know what should i do and what is the problem

Sounds like It might be time to rebuild the gear box,The dog's on the gear is getting rounded ....

what are the dog's


I also have had this problem 3 times since 1987, I got my bike new and the first time this happened I though that the chain was jumping teeth, but in fact, third gear dog was rounded and the shifting fork had to be replaced as well. Big Job, no fun


what if i just dont pushit to hart will the bike last

it dosent jump out all the time

It will continue to do this. 87's and I believe 88's were riddled with this problem. I had one and it did the same thing. To bad because otherwise it was a great machine.

Just pull ou the tranny and have the dawgs undercut...MRE does it on most bikes.

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