need to know if 2.8 fuel tank is enough

i have a 03 Yz450f need to know if a 2.8 gallon tank will last a whole tccra race?

How long is a TCCRA race? I have a 2.8 on my 05 yz450 and it will last me a whole 55 mile loop with about two inches in the bottom left. Jason

the races are from 45 to 55 miles long. some open riding and alot of woods riding

I would think so. I'm running the 2.8 Clarke on my '05 WR and I got a little over 80 miles on a ride, and much of it was fifth gear fire roads.

How does that Clarke fit? I'm debating on the Clarke 2.8 and the IMS 3 gal. I'm just wary of the IMS having to run a second T'd line right near the exhaust.


I just got the Clarke 2.8 and it fits great, i think its perfect for the yz450, not to big, doesnt hang down to the shift like the ims. I plan on doing a 62 mile race on it in two weeks. :)

I have the Clarke 2.8. I can get about 50 miles to the tank.

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