FMF-Q, WB E2, etc., where to find comparisons on net besides the TT search button?

I know everybody has their favorite, I'm kind of partial to the looks of the E2 myself, but does anybody where can I find a good source of info that has done a shootout or something on all the 'legal' exhausts? I'm sure there's been some in magazines, but I must have missed those issues at the magazine rack. I'd like to know which one really comes out on top at being 96db legal without killing power. I know they're all pretty good now, but there's always one that outshines the others. :)

Again, not looking for opinions, I know those have been posted a million times over. I'm looking for shootout info on more than just one brand by a mag or website.

You wont I suspect

Here is my account of the E2

Fits nice looks even better

Sound is below 96db

Power is just as it was with my Full Race ProMeg White brothers R4

I have run the bike with the core and with out I have seen no noticible power loss or gain just gets real noisy.

Yeah, the E2 looks like the way I'll probably go. My buddy just put one on his '05 WR450 and it seems to work really well. I think the only thing I don't like is if you want to ride somewhere that you're not worried about sound levels, but still need a spark arrestor, you're a bit out of luck. I was also noticing the quiet core/spark arrestor screen looks like it would fit in the end of my R4. Don't know if it would work, but it would be interesting to see if it could quiet that bad boy R4 down. :)

I dont think it will fit

I had my R4 tested at 107 when I first got it. I was able to bring it down to 97.5db and it lost allot at bottom. I was never able to get the extra 1 db no matter what I did.

I would go with the E2

Yeah, I've had pretty much the same problem.

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