What is the cheapest price you have seen for a 05 WR450?

Just curious how low I can take this. Seems like ever shop I go to is willing to take it down another notch...

Just curious what types of deals you boys and girls have been paying for these beauties!!!! I plan to step into one in the next week or so.


Was quoted 6067.00 out the door. Add tax if in state. Chicago Cycle

5899.00 + 65.00 processing, 50.00 set up ,cash price/in store financing= $ 5994.00 otd

$5695.00 + $25.00 Doc fee = $5720.00 OTD

that last one will be hard to beat, unless they start giving them away.

out hear in cal. 6300.oo out the door was the best I could find

Hey fish

I got a quote in CA just today for 6648.00 OTD. Where did you find 6300?

Wow, absolute best price I could find here in UT or surrounding states was $5999 + t&l... That $5695 price is amazing.

Got mine here in S. Cali on New Years Eve, MSRP + 8%. Didn't really shop around. But worth every penny!!!

Thanks.... Sounds like 5800 is a good place to aim if I am really going to take it to the edge.

Looks like I will be a happy owner of the WR here in a couple weeks. From Red to Blue...

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