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So what is the latest on the Mobil One GOLD CAP. I picked up 2 quarts today at Wal Mart because they were out of the red cap. So I did the search and people seem to be up in the air on it. Any more on this subject?

Get the Mobil One MX4T. It is made for motorcycles with wet clutches and is rated JASO MA.

Mobil One Moto Oil

It can be found at any AutoZone.

MX4T is about $6.99 at WalMart.

Rotella-T synth (5w-40) is about $3/qt, and has always been the preferred "backup" for RedCap.

I've got 9 quarts in the garage. I run GoldCap 5w-30 in my Tundra.

From the analysis I saw, it appears that Gold Cap is formulated to more closely comply with API SL, and looks like it would be less suitable for high performance MC applications. Has lower levels of zinc and phosphorus, higher calcium and moly.

The heck with it!! I returned the stuff today. I am going to stick with my old stand by Yamalube 4R. :)

YamaLube isn't a particularly good choice, IMO. The last time I looked, it was an SJ oil, rather than an SG/SH as originally recommended by Yamaha for your 426, it isn't a high grade synthetic, and I remember at least 4 people complain about their clutch grabbing and/or dragging when using the stuff.

Mobil 1 MX4T is an excellent, durable oil, and reasonably priced. Shell Rotella (full synthetic) 5W-40 is another good one. There are any number of good ones to use besides the old Red Cap. Don't settle.

Cool! They have MX4T at Wal-Mart. Even easier!

Wal Mart is iffy.

The Chino Hills WM has MX4T, but never has Rotella synth... only Rotella 15-50 dino. They have a shelf tag for V-Twin, but never have it in stock.

The Pomona WM has Rotella synth, but no Mobil moto oils... can't even find a spot on the shelf for it. They do have Castrol dino for both 2 and 4 stroke.

Upland doesn't have jack.

For you SoCal guys who are in or near the 909 / 951 area, you can buy Mobil products directly from Empire Oil and they'll likely have the oil products you need for your bikes, cars, aircraft, etc. They mainly deal with commercial accouts, but they'll also sell retail in small quantities. They stock tons and tons of Mobil products and their prices are usually very competitive. I've done business with them for many years and they've always provided prompt & courteous service. Here's their contact info...

Empire Oil

2756 S. Riverside Ave

Bloomington, CA 92316


Interesting. I remember my Dad used to buy Shell oil products direct from the depot, rather than Pep Boys or Western Auto.

Walmart and Autozone are no longer carrying mobil mx4t or red cap in my area ? Found a distributor near Jackson, Ms that will send it to me though. What a pain :)

Same here; they discontinued it at Azone and Walmart here. Not ONE place in UT to buy it.

No Mobile MXT4 at my Autozone either. Infact when I asked the kid for it he looked at me like I was talking in French. That was when I gave up and walked away, trust me when I say, it was for the best.

MX4T.....SoCal.....Kragen Auto Parts

really, they have it at Kragen... cool~ I live in SoCal too

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