xr 500 problem

hey guys, i have a 1983 xr 500r and i am expieriencing a terrible powerloss when i give the throttle a quick turn. I already cleaned out both carbs and made sure they are syncronized correctly, and expierienced the exact same symtoms. I also cleaned and re-oiled the air filter. At this point I am at wits end, and open to suggestions. It seems as though the problem only occurs when the second carburator begins to open. The only thing i can think of is either a burnt valve or weak cdi.

p.s. the bike has been bored out and has a high comp. piston in it, it also has had machinework done on the head

Having the bike bog if you whack the throttle open is a feature. There isnt much you can do about it besides not doing that.

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