OEM Chain on the XR650

Does anyone know the stock chain or equivalent? Is it a DID V? or VM?

It's one of a kind. It's a staked link from Honda directly. You can make any other chain into one with a new staked link. However, go spend the money on the honda chain again, you won't be dissapointed. Other chains are good, but the honda staked is the best, IMO.

Buy a DID ERV2

Is the OEM Honda replacement chain exactly like the stocker (staked from the factory).?

Short of paying through the nose for a new Honda staked chain the best option is the DID X-ring. It's like $68 from Rocky Mountain. The XR650 needs and deserves nothing less.

DID X-ring 520VM is a great chain for the 650

I totally agree with the DID VM it rules.

For the money, the DID X ring is the way to go and it's a step up from the stock chain. RK also makes a top notch chain.

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