Forks, What to do??/

Hi, everyone. New to the forum and would like to aks you veterans some advise. I just bought a 1999 wr400. The fork seals need replacing, not a suprise to you guys I'm sure after reading some of te posts that were already up there. I'm sold on the seal savers but what else can I try or do that will ensure me tons of miles per set. I understand that maintence is a major fator. Is there any one out the that has a really good fix for this problem? Is there anyone out there that is rebuilding them to a higher standard? Why can yamaha do so much right but fail to follow through on some of the simple stuff? How long have they been building bikes with forks? I should tell you guys that for almost 20 years I have owned nothing but Yamaha. Love their products, they have always served me well. The 400 is a great bike I can tell jsut from the short 30 mile ride we took today. Headed out to the dunes in Bowie AZ this weekend come one come all. PS I can only imagine how nice those new 450's must be rollin' Does anyone have any use for a 97 warrior with all the goodies? I have a feeling that it might just be sittin' for awhile. OUT........ :) : :)

It seems to be an upside down thing to me. I've owned many bikes (20+ now) and the ones with USD forks all leaked sooner or later. My XR600 and 1996 RM250 never leaked a drop. Neither did my DR350 or 1988 CR250. Hmmm....

Really, I think it is because the forks are down low, in the dirt, where they can easily pick up grit and get scratched. I plan to try out some seal savers once I get my fork seals replaced (still a bunch of winter left here).

Have you tried cleaning them with a piece of film? Mine started leaking, but after trying this they stopped. :)

Well if they weren't shot before they are now. GREAT trip to dunes in Bowie, AZ this past weekend wasted them for sure. Well worth it. Going to try the thicker rubber crf type for my rebuild this week. Will post the results. I'm 5 10" and 210 any tips on set up on those forks? Anything that I should know that's not posted in the forum? Sure is nice to get out and beat some people up the hill for a change. WR sure is a step up from the old Warrior I moved up from.

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