pricing a used wr?

i have decided to get a used wr ..

what would be a good price for one?

i found one listed for 3500 with extras and i found one for 2900 with not as many extras but with less hours

and i found one stock for 3000...

thanks in advance

what year, and what kind of riding do you do. I may have a lead on one if you would like. As far as price, you may just have to find the best bike for the money. I mean it depends on the mods, aftermarket parts, miles, and general condition. Good luck :)

Generally I prefer to by everything as close to stock as possible.

I feel better thinking that it will not need special treatment to get it to start or run. I like having a good baseline or foundation to start with.

Heavily modified bikes can be very tricky and often come with problems.

You can save some money buying a bike with all the bells and whistles already installed but it's questionable.

It's the luck of the draw with used bikes.

Good luck.

I picked up my 2001 WR426 in September of 2004 for $3000.00.

IT was VERY stock and I have not had any problems. :)

I just put my 99 WR400 up for sale today. <800 mi, super clean, no issues. $3000

Spend some time and shop around. I got my stock 2001 wr426 for $2400, and its, awesome! That was a year ago, and it's been bulletproof for me. I can't say enough good thingss about it! :)

This thread has been around before. It boils down to wether or not the California street legal bike is a requirement for you. What I found is you can tack on an extra $1000 for the prices you see from other states to get it. It seems to get a well kept, good running, plated (street legal) WR from year 99 to 01 you are lookin at a price from $2800 to $3500. I spent $3500 on my 99 recently, but it was in excellent shape with lots of extras. The price may have been $100 to $200 high, but I'm on the trail and having fun.

Looks like bsmn8 has a bike in that range, if it is street legal that would be a good price.

I wish we didn't have to pay more for our bikes in California, but it seems that is the case.

Good luck on your search.

Cheers - Tim

thinking about DS but i usually ride trails with some desert, thinking about hare scramblers too... i have a budget of $3300 i think i can get a nice one for that amount.... would prefer a 01-02 426 i will look around for a bit ... thanks all

Whatever you choose, I recommend staying with the wr line of bike. I have a 98 400 so I'm biased, but this thing is truly bulletproof. Keep up the regular maintenance and they will do you right. In my opinion, the best bike on the market. :)

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