Such a thing as too much power?

I heard a guy mention that he was selling his YZ426 because it had too much power in the woods and on the trails. Does it just depend on the rider, or is a WR type bike better suited for trails?

My friend is looking for a trail bike, but he used to race motocross (YZ 250), so he is an experienced rider. He weighs about 230lbs and is 6'1". I told him I would post something here so I could get some input from you guys.


too much power? nah, useable power might be the problem. mx,and desert bikes are designed for "the hit" whereas a woods bike needs smooth tractable power. a mx bike can be made to act more tractable by adding flywheel weight,in the case of the 4 strokes alot of 450's are going back to wr cam timing,exhaust tuning,gearing etc... a full blown mx bike can be a handful in the woods and hinder lap times :)

The 426 was a BEAST on bottom, and I loved it!!!

Too much for him, maybe. At some point, a motorcycle can become such a monster that almost no one can ride it anywhere. Yamaha's TZ700 was a good example. But the YZ426 is nowhere near that for me. They are a bit explosive if you just yank the throttle around, but they're also very controllable and tractable compared to motorcycles in general. Some people have lower limits than others is all.

Yeah at this point im thinking a wr250f would be an awesome woods, rocks bike. I love my 450 but ive had to tame her down with a ton of tweaks and mods to make it ridable for a mere mortal such as my self, but dahm its fun. :)

I love my 426 in the woods, no complaints from me!

My 1st thought is.....Too much power is barely enough..

But having said that I now have a 250 4-stroke woods bike and honestly, rarely do I miss the power of the big bike in the woods. The 250 is easier on my bod. And for the level of rider that I am its more than enough bike for me to get in trouble with.

Thats not to say that I dont still have my cravings for big bore power.

There aint enough power IMHO. But then again how many guy's do you know that weigh over 400 with gear?

gives a whole new aspect on top heavy :) most of my weight carries at the mid section :)

Too much power? Absolutely!! Go to any National enduro and see what every other guy is riding. Not very many KX500s or CR500s in the Pro class, just small,light mangangable bikes.

I have a 99 YZ400 Pro circuit bike I got in a trade on a job and find this bikes

power to be good but comes on smooth and hard, the bikes not to fast but it is borderline. I have a KTM 459 exc that is to much in some situations and it always the wrong most of the good riders are going to or are riding the 400exc, I would put my yz400 on par with the 450exc as far as power goes (totally different power ranges though) The YZ is much smother but will

put you in th enext turn very I really dont understand why they went up to a 450 and really think it would have to be detuned to go fast on

in tight stuff, hell my ZX10Rs not fast enough for the open jk

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