'04 450 Rad Conv to 426

In case any of you guy have wondered about replacing a leaky, or broken rad, I just put '04 450 Rads on my 426. The mounting holes lined up pretty good and went on without a problem. The biggest difference is the hose that travles through the frame is a smaller diameter. The guy I got mine from sent me all the hoses, clamps, and "Y" junction. I ended up using the 450 hose for the top, it was a little short, but it still worked. Also, on the left side(Shift side) the hose that ties into the "Y" junction on the 426 is TOO Long. You can either trim it down, or use the 450 hose. I opted to use to the 450 hose for that and had to stretch it a little, but it still worked...

Just some food for thought, Cause I know these things are expensive, and I found mine for a smoking deal on Ebay. I got the entire RAd assy with all the hoses and "Y" junction for $202, and for an extra $15 he threw in the titanium pegs and all hardware... :)

Also, as a side note, if you use the Rad covers off the 450, theres no problem, if you use the rad covers from the stock 426, you will have to notch the lower corners by the front, lower bolt on both sides.

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