05' WR405 tall seat help

I could use some direction here.

I'm 6'1" and feel a bit cramped on my 05' WRF450. I want to replace the stock seat with a tall replacement. The only company I've found so far that offers tall replacement foam for the 05's is CEET. Good enough.

BUT, CEET offers 3 different seat covers yet makes no mention of which ones are applicable to the tall foam. I'm under the impression from looking at their website and different off-road catalogs that the seat covers are suited to standard height seats.

The lack of detailed info is frustrating. It would be my luck to order the seat cover I like and have it not fit the tall foam replacement. I even e-mailed CEET with the question of which of their covers fit the tall foam but have recieved no reply.

Anyone have any knowledge here? Or, if you've put on a tall replacement seat, pass on the dimensions and company to me?



If I am not mistaking, I believe that SDG makes a tall seat for the bike as well.

Here's a link to Guts Racing. They will have what you need. I have a few photo's of the comparsion between the stock seat foam and guts tall seat foam. I'll try to post those when I get time.Guts Racing

SDG makes complete seats and also sells them under the Moose logo to.

I have the tall SDG on my 00Wr with firm foam, it is perfect, not to firm/hard.

I also have the SDG/Moose tall with soft foam on my 04 and I dont like it, my ass hits the seat pan occasionally/ more than I would like in the rough stuff. I weight 215.

The height is great though.

Can someone link me to SDG's website (if they have one)? Also, does SDG offer seat covers?



Just talked with SDG today. I had noticed the tall seat for my 04 was much softer so much I didnt like the feel when sitting thru rocks, whoops etc, was hitting the seat base, especially in the back where its thin. I was getting ready to sell the 04 seat thinking I could get a firmer one from SDG, but no dice, there is no such thing as soft and firm foam for the 04-05 line up. Apparently the seat back in 00 where made from a diff supplier or material.

just thought I share some info.

Now does any one else know of a firm seat out there thats already put together?????????????????? :)

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